How do I know my child is safe?

Each time you check your child into Kidpointe a security name tag will be placed on your child's back. In addition, a parent tag will be issued to you that matches the security code on your child's name tag. You will need this parent tag in order to pick up your child. In the event you misplace your parent tag, you MUST present a photo ID to the Kidpointe Team Member serving at your child's classroom.


Can I bring my child into the adult service with me?

Please consider that our adult services are intended for adults. We have creatively designed our Kidpointe services with your child in mind. Please partner with us and allow your child to experience God's love on their level. If you have a young child and would like to worship with them, please sit near an exit in case a situation arises and you need to exit quickly. 


What if my child needs me?

When dropping off your child a Kidpointe Team Member will enter your cell phone number into our computerized check-in system. If we need your assistance the system will send you a text asking you to come to your child's classroom. Please turn your cell phone on vibrate so a text does not disturb those worshipping around you.


What do you do to provide a healthy environment for my child?

All toys and equipment are sanitized before service begins. We use latex-free gloves, our diaper changing stations are lined with the same paper as you would see in a doctor's office, and both of these are for single use only. All parents are asked to keep their children out of Kidpointe if they have experienced fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea less than 24 hour before the service.


Do you have a private nursing area?

Yes. To value our young families we have a private Nursing Mother's Room located on the first floor between the Crawler room and the Toddler room.