Mission Statement

The mission of the Crosspointe Learning Center is to provide students with a quality, Christ-based education in order to allow them to maximize their God-given talents and to have a positive impact upon the world around them.



The Crosspointe Learning Center believes that every child deserves our very best. To that end, we have implemented several changes at the start of the 2015 school year. Growth in our attendance has allowed us to open a second two-year-old class focusing exclusively on the needs of older twos who are in the process of transitioning to the threes. We feel that the needs of the older two-year-old are markedly different from those children who have just turned two. Separating these two groups provides us the opportunity to specialize our teaching methods and care giving for each class. We have also added live, interactive Spanish lessons and fitness sessions. Finally, we have implemented a hands-on approach to learning in our four-year-old class. This teaching style utilizes all 5 senses for faster and more enjoyable learning as well as better comprehension and retention of new concepts.



Pamela Keyes began leading the center as of August 2015. Prior to that, she has served at Crosspointe Christian Center as the Nursery Director since 2010 and Assistant to the Children’s Pastor since 2013. She attended Lee University and lives in Chatsworth with her husband and three sons.



Contact the Director or stop by our center during normal business hours to pick up enrollment forms. Seats are limited. 


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