Grief Care

The loss of a loved one, especially a spouse, is an event requiring the most adjustment ever in one’s life. Widowers, widows and others who have experienced such loss will receive a CD called Comfort: A Healing Journey Through Grief  by Dr. Tim Clinton. They also receive a series of four booklets called Journeying Through Grief. These booklets are sent over the course of the year following the death of the loved one and are designed to speak to the survivor at strategic places in their grief resolution. As requested, meals are also provided to the family following the death of their loved one.


Birthday Cards to Seniors

A very important day in any senior’s life is the ability to celebrate another birthday. Birthday cards are sent to seniors recognizing that day and celebrating it with them.


Heroes to Heroes

Many of our seniors are military veterans. We wanted to do something to support our returning wounded soldiers. We selected Heroes to Heroes for two reasons: 1) Ninety-five cents of every dollar goes to support the veteran; and 2) the program has a spiritual component that involves a life changing journey to Israel. You may go to for more information. We send them a monthly financial gift.


Shut-in Visitation

Shut-in or Homebound - this special group of seniors may be known by other names. These are seniors who are no longer able to participate in regularly scheduled church and Senior Achiever events, and are confined to their home or may reside in an assisted living or other health care facility. Contact is made with them regularly via visitation, phone calls, and notes and cards.